happy couples

Our research includes pilot tests, clinical tests, sociological studies, and product development. We are pioneering a new way of studying couple behavior in order to offer the best products. We can prove the efficiency and the ability to improve relationships through our twelve improvement factors.
Bullet   Pilot Tests

Many couples decided to join our research process. They are the first to use various versions of our products. They give us a wealth of information, and allow us to design the best tools for couples.

If you are interested in becoming a pilot couple, do not hesitate to contact us:

Bullet   Clinical Tests

Before launching any novelty, a group of scientists, psychotherapists, and psychologists working in the U.S. and in Switzerland validate each product scientifically and medically. Throughout clinical trials, we ensure that products present no harm to test participants. Furthermore, we can measure the efficiency of our concepts in the future.
Bullet   Sociological Studies

Based on our research of the five different couple types, we conduct studies among American and European couples. Our goal is to constantly improve our knowledge about the real life of couples. With this knowledge, we can develop new tools that could be included in the next product.
Bullet   Product Development

We are aware that we are at the threshold of an important development. We are convinced that we can offer a large range of products in the future. Among our different research studies, we have the ability to develop a high level of technology with academic institutions and partners.