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Couples Types

Bullet   Saga of a Perfect Couple!

Couple loves

each other when they know each other properly. This is not as easy as it sounds but it takes time. It takes years to have a mutual understanding with our partners. Since the definition of

happy couples

are changing with each passing day therefore psychologists and researchers are trying their best to develop some products that could help dating couples, married couples and newly weds.

It is not that

perfect couples

do not have differences. But perfect couples in spite of having differences in their attitudes respect each other’s feelings since it is not an obligation but it is a mutual consent that they have decided to be together.

They may be called

romantic couples

a few times but chemistry between both of them is so outstanding that even if they fight, the vibrations of their differences are not caught by a third person.
Bullet   What is your couple type?

Step by step, you create your life with your partner. Although every relationship is unique, all of them fit one of the couple types: Association, Castle, Nest, Partner, and Side by Side.

These five couple types were defined by a team of sociologists at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. The results were compiled from a group of 1,500 married and unmarried couples of any age, living together for at least a year. The first conclusions showed that couple types are varied.

From this diversity, five couple types are extracted. One of these couple types mirrors your relationship. The others may remind you of your friends, your parents, or your neighbors.
Bullet   What can you do with these types?

You can take a fresh look at your relationship.

bullet_1 What are your values?
bullet_1 What are the roles and spheres of influence of you and your partner?
bullet_1 How do you manage conflicts?
bullet_1  The collective imagination is imprinted by an idea of "love-destiny", which assumes
    that our romantic partners are pre-determined. In reality, relationships are not so     straight forward.
Bullet   Being in a relationship is like building a beautiful home

We have to work on our relationship; it is like a magnificent building with several floors. Maintaining a relationship involves compromises and sacrifices such as the distribution of power, resources, and influences within the relationship.

Bullet   How can we define the different types?

Four dimensions are used to calibrate the different types:


Each relationship has its borders. They define how the partners share individual resources (time, money, ideas, and feelings). They also describe how the partners decide to interact with their external environment.

The priority given to objectives, such as tenderness, communication, economic success, social integration or psychological comfort can explain how the goals of the relationship are organized.

Instrumental roles (gendered division of household labor and professional activities) and the relational roles (providing information, goal selection, and support) define the different degrees of gendering.

This dimension captures the different investment of men and women in the domestic sphere, which is not only a question of time and presence, but is also connected with the sacrifices that one can or is willing to make for it. Couples follow a fixed set of norms concerning family timetables and specific habits.
The five different Types of Couples :